Mrs. Toyosi Gbede

I am a pioneer member of Awesome Treasures. I was with  the ministry when it was still Sovereign Flame ministry. I think my first attendance was in the year  2000.

I was very restless working an 8-5 job. When I got involved with ATF, I didnt just sit down in the crowd. I got involved with the organising, set up, marketing etc. I felt very much at home doing this and it spurred me to start out events and related businesses. I eventually resigned and started my own full time business.  This year I’ll be 10 YEARS in business.

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Itohan Eigbe

I joined Awesome Treasures Foundation 2012 and since then have experienced a dramatic shift in my life. I was motivated after receiving several messages from Awesome Treasures Foundation through Mrs. Adenowo and I started my business out of a passion for children, as I love teaching kids and I feel independence, compassion and a love for learning is something that is lost in a conventional Nigerian education.

Having had this strong passion for so long and with my love to take on kids without limitations, I decided to have it as a business and for the past four years, precisely in 2001, I the Montessori School Education which I named ‘Starfield Montessori School.

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Ari Tobi-Aiyemo

I joined Awesome Treasures Foundation in sometime in 2007 or 2008 when the meeting used to be at Lagoon.

I am a Career woman but have been highly and positively impacted by Awesome Treasures Foundation’s through Mrs. Adenowo’s messages. She is an epitome of success.

I was particularly challenged, coming from a Deeper Life background and seeing such a good-looking, classy, carrier woman serving God with such tenacity and yet with a very supportive husband. I have always thought that for such a woman to be successful, she cannot be submissive to her husband but my experience attending the programs changed that perception.

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Mojisola Olugbemi

I joined Awesome Treasures Foundation in 2011 and have since then not been the same.  I was inspired to start my business because I believe it was time to stop working on someone else’s dream, and start making mine come to life and I prayed about it.  When the time was right, I left paid employment and started mine.

I have had my fashion company since 2010 and I started my Events Planning Company since 2005 but my major profession is Law and I have had my Law Practice since August 2014, so I am a Legal practitioner on one hand and Events Producer/Planner on the other hand. My Law Firm is called Stark Legal and the Events Planning Company is called Silver Lining Events Limited.

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Elizabeth Paul

I am a Togolese and was brought to Lagos by my aunty who was to help train me but I ended up hawking beans (Ewa Agoyin) on the streets.  I also served a couple of people as house help. I also worked in local restaurants, selling food and washing plates for food sellers.

My life was changed for the better when I was invited to one of the Awesome Treasures Summits in April 2008 and Sister Jumoke was teaching.

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Ikeolu Biobaku

Before I met Sister Jumoke Adeonowo, I was working in a bank but I just realized that I wasn’t fulfilled, I didn’t get that inner joy working.  I had always loved the way she impacted the word of God so I really got endeared to her and used to watch her minister.

She invited me to the maiden edition of Sovereign Flame Mission, Awesome Treasures and that was a turning point in my life.

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Funke Anurukem

I joined Awesome Treasures Foundation in 2000 and was thrilled when I heard such powerful messages from Mrs. Adenowo.  I was particularly inspired to start up my business with words of encouragements from Mrs. Adenowo amongst other people around me.

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Lara Tiamiyu

I joined ATF in 2012 and have been wowed ever since.  I run my business and started precisely 4 years ago. I had a passion for Photography and makeup and so I started out. The name of my business is La’Royal Sudios Limited and I started with less than N200,000 but today, I have 3 employees with a turnover of about N1m.

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