L'Atelier Lior

Founded in 2017 by a skin enthusiast, L’Atelier LIOR aims to be like a sun with several rays: personalized consultations, tailor-made routines, workshops with targeted themes: everything so that your skin has no secrets from you.

L'Atelier Lior is a bubble for your well-being; you are unique, so are the treatments we offer. Each consultation will lead to advice that is unique to you and will help you manifest a particular radiance: your original radiance!

For L'Atelier LIOR, you are already beautiful, your skin deserves to be luminous. We want to take care of it and help you do it on an ongoing basis. To do this, we offer support and follow-up that adapt to your lifestyle, your budget and the condition of your skin.

L'Atelier LIOR is a modular space: alongside the eponymous L’Atelier Lior range, which is based on natural and simple active ingredients, you will find a range of quality products from other carefully selected laboratories.
A single objective is targeted: That of revealing and magnifying your radiance.