The Chioma Sylvie Company

“Everyone is Unique”

All 7Billion plus of us occupying this planet are unique. At TheChiomaSylvieCo we are driven by the passion to celebrate our uniqueness as humans by selling quality goods that speak to the hearts of our consumers: You, Corporate organizations and Gifts and souvenir companies.

From household items, to personal items and T-shirts, our goods are sourced with aesthetics and functionality in mind. Our goal is to bring you these goods at discounted prices.

The best part is No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is required, for every piece you want to buy as a corporate organization or as a gift/souvenir company, there’s a discounted price. Also, the more quantities you buy, the better the discounts you get. You can get up to 5%.

We are here to help you create happiness and beautiful memories.

Let’s do this.