Our Projects

Explore the projects we are working on at Awesome Treasures Foundation.

Youth Network

This project equips Youths with the essential tools to attain success in the market place. They also learn the fundamentals of Nation building by building communities around them.

Incubator Forum

It’s not always easy to take a step back from your business and see what you are doing well or what needs changing. Being able to plan and have a focused lead generation strategy is key to new client acquisition and business development.

The ATF business development training school provides leadership, management and executive development seminars and training programs. We are dedicated to helping individuals and corporations discover, enhance and implement sustainable development skills and strategies

This platform raises young leaders by teaching leadership, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, ICT, morals, sexuality, health education (HIV/AIDS awareness, personal hygiene, etc.) and other life skill trainings, to teenage girls from the slums. To empower and equip them with skills to be successful at all levels irrespective of their backgrounds.

The Awesome Princess is a young girls’ club, particularly teenage girls who are at risk of being exposed to social vices, sexual abuse and moral decadence, in the slums of Lagos State.

Since inception, over 300 talents have been identified, developed and deployed, empowering these teenagers with self-confidence, motivation and courage effect positive change in their communities or world.


Summer Camp

The Awesome Leadership Summer Camp provides leadership skills and tools such as Education, Self-awareness and purpose discovery sessions, Group work exercises, value-based tasks to ensure the children during the one month period are groomed to be transformational leaders of self and national relevance. This project is focused on inner-city children from Primary 1-4.

The benefiting children receive back to school kits and other forms of educational supports at the end of each set. This project has benefitted over 1000 children since inception in 2010.

ALL is an Initiative by the Awesome Treasures Foundation with a goal to cater to the needs of women in leadership and entrepreneurship and to produce a community of inspired and transformed women who in the achievement of their goals inspire more women to take on the responsibility of leadership. ALL meetings are in-depth, to allow investigations into the issues faced by women in society and credible sustainable solutions. ALL builds a culture of collective responsibility, an understanding that men and women play vital roles to ensure gender equality.

Leading Ladies

Paradigm Shift

This is an Awesome Leadership Summit that features prophetic leadership teachings, purposely to raise Transformational Leaders who will implement the Kingdom Mandate given to each individual by God.

Paradigm Shift also features interactive sessions, testimonies and prayers sessions as a medium to create more awareness of the ATF vision, recruit more stakeholders, (volunteers, members, and partners) to drive the vision to all corners of the world, as well as kick start an empowerment process towards a National Renaissance.

Our objective at each meeting is to cause a shift, a change in the status quo that will ensure positive, equal and sustainable growth. The Paradigm Shift Leadership Summit currently holds in different cities in Nigeria, UK and USA with an attendance of 700-1500 at each meeting.

The Awesome Business Network is a platform created to provide members of the Awesome Treasures Foundation, who are business owners, with visibility,  engagement, growth opportunities, and mutual exchange of values and learnings. 

The ABN platform seeks to encourage, promote and project ATF members in the marketplace.