SALT Mentorship

What is
SALT Mentorship?

SALT is Olajumoke Adenowo’s paradigm shifting, life changing, destiny defining mentorship class. It is designed as 10-12 modules on Kingdom Dynamics to equip you as a person of faith to take the reins of leadership in the market place.

There will be an extensive review on matters of purpose, kingdom strategy, balance, kingdom business, hearing God clearly and many more pertinent and practical topics. It also includes post-event follow up and interaction with various leaders.

A proprietary workbook will be made available to aid participants, as they dig deeper into the mind of God.

SALT has a unique, globally diverse faculty and classes have been held online and at various locations across 3 continents for the last three years, with astonishing success. SALT is set to cause a quantum change in strategy, which is guaranteed to radically transform your life.


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