Olamide Danso

I will like to testify to the goodness of God. Earlier in the year, March 2018 or thereabout, SJ had called for prayers for Nigeria which I attended. At the end of the session, the Holy Spirit led her to ask that we raise a banner for God.


It was such a powerful atmosphere and I knew that of a truth, God was in our midst.  At that time, I was very frustrated with my job and the people I had to work with. The environment had become unbelievably toxic and I was having to walk on eggshells just to avoid falling into traps that were set.I sowed a seed and tied it to my career. I had just one request: that the hand of God will move in my career and that his banner be seen in the works of my hand. I also decided to sow quarterly to the foundation.

Chiamaka Chigbata

This is chiamaka from “THE MEETING” last weekend in Enugu. 

You asked me to remind you to add me to the awesome treasures leadership forum so that I can pray with you. 


On Saturday after the encounter with you, as I went to bed against Sunday, I had a dream and in it, the only thing I remembered as I woke up was a name: GREEN FOUNDATION. I also remember that in the dream I was asking what that name meant and what it was for, but got no response, as soon as I got up, my eye met with a bag in my father’s room where I slept and on it was written Green with other things I can’t remember. 


So, I waited on the lord for 3 days from Monday 25/06/18 to Wednesday 27/06/18 concerning what the lord wants me to yield to, the name of the initiative and what we should be focusing on. On that Monday night as I prayed, after which I kept quiet and waited for response, it started dropping in my spirit as I was speaking in tongues.


Mrs. Toyosi Gbede

I am a pioneer member of Awesome Treasures. I was with  the ministry when it was still Sovereign Flame ministry. I think my first attendance was in the year  2000.

I was very restless working an 8-5 job. When I got involved with ATF, I didnt just sit down in the crowd. I got involved with the organising, set up, marketing etc. I felt very much at home doing this and it spurred me to start out events and related businesses. I eventually resigned and started my own full time business.  This year I’ll be 10 YEARS in business.

Itohan Eigbe

I joined Awesome Treasures Foundation 2012 and since then have experienced a dramatic shift in my life. I was motivated after receiving several messages from Awesome Treasures Foundation through Mrs. Adenowo and I started my business out of a passion for children, as I love teaching kids and I feel independence, compassion and a love for learning is something that is lost in a conventional Nigerian education.

Having had this strong passion for so long and with my love to take on kids without limitations, I decided to have it as a business and for the past four years, precisely in 2001, I the Montessori School Education which I named ‘Starfield Montessori School.

Ari Tobi-Aiyemo

I joined Awesome Treasures Foundation in sometime in 2007 or 2008 when the meeting used to be at Lagoon.

I am a Career woman but have been highly and positively impacted by Awesome Treasures Foundation’s through Mrs. Adenowo’s messages. She is an epitome of success.

I was particularly challenged, coming from a Deeper Life background and seeing such a good-looking, classy, carrier woman serving God with such tenacity and yet with a very supportive husband. I have always thought that for such a woman to be successful, she cannot be submissive to her husband but my experience attending the programs changed that perception.

Mojisola Olugbemi

I joined Awesome Treasures Foundation in 2011 and have since then not been the same.  I was inspired to start my business because I believe it was time to stop working on someone else’s dream, and start making mine come to life and I prayed about it.  When the time was right, I left paid employment and started mine.

I have had my fashion company since 2010 and I started my Events Planning Company since 2005 but my major profession is Law and I have had my Law Practice since August 2014, so I am a Legal practitioner on one hand and Events Producer/Planner on the other hand. My Law Firm is called Stark Legal and the Events Planning Company is called Silver Lining Events Limited.

Elizabeth Paul

I am a Togolese and was brought to Lagos by my aunty who was to help train me but I ended up hawking beans (Ewa Agoyin) on the streets.  I also served a couple of people as house help. I also worked in local restaurants, selling food and washing plates for food sellers.

My life was changed for the better when I was invited to one of the Awesome Treasures Summits in April 2008 and Sister Jumoke was teaching.

Ikeolu Biobaku

Before I met Sister Jumoke Adeonowo, I was working in a bank but I just realized that I wasn’t fulfilled, I didn’t get that inner joy working.  I had always loved the way she impacted the word of God so I really got endeared to her and used to watch her minister.

She invited me to the maiden edition of Sovereign Flame Mission, Awesome Treasures and that was a turning point in my life.

Funke Anurukem

I joined Awesome Treasures Foundation in 2000 and was thrilled when I heard such powerful messages from Mrs. Adenowo.  I was particularly inspired to start up my business with words of encouragements from Mrs. Adenowo amongst other people around me.

Lara Tiamiyu

I joined ATF in 2012 and have been wowed ever since.  I run my business and started precisely 4 years ago. I had a passion for Photography and makeup and so I started out. The name of my business is La’Royal Sudios Limited and I started with less than N200,000 but today, I have 3 employees with a turnover of about N1m.

Mrs Princess Thompson


I attended the Awesome Treasures conference in London for the first time last year.

My now husband and I had started talking about marriage around September, we felt that God was calling us to this next phase of our lives and we believed it was meant to happen before 2018. Unfortunately for us my father who passed away in April and was buried in July. According to our tradition we had to wait 12 months before we could get married. We were in a place of uncertainty but we knew that the God who had given us this strong desire will also work things out for us.


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